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St-Zotique Beach

105,81e avenue, Saint-Zotique. Qc. JOP 1Z0

Saint-Zotique, QC 




Ian Lu




TYPAQ - Taiwanese Young Professionals Association of Quebec




As many of you might have heard, we are going to held a BBQ beach party @ St- Zotique on Saturday July 16. It's going to be awesome to see you all at the beach !!! More details as followed.

Date: Saturday July 16 2011

⋯⋯Time: 10am to 4:00pm

Place: Beach St-Zotique (105,81e avenue, Saint-Zotique. Qc. JOP 1Z0)

Price: $15.00 per person for food and drink (We will prepare enough food for everyone including meats, salads, toasts, and soft drinks. However, you can always bring your own favorite drinks and/or snacks to share with others.)

$10.00 per person for group admission fee (CASH only!!)

$3 to $5 per person to share the car pool expense if you don't drive

What to bring: Swim suits, volleyballs*, Frisbees, some music (IPod, Mp3, IPhone, etc), towels, extra clothing just in case, sunscreen, tanning cream, etc

*volley ball fields are available at St-Zotique Beach

NOTES: 1) For those who need car pool, please contact our staff or email us, we will arrange it for you. The same thing for the drivers, if you are looking for people to share the gas, please let us know!!

2) Please sign up by July 5th, 2011 & the payment is due by July 10th, 2011

3) Please contact any of our staff to make the payment ($15).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our staff or email us at

Staff contacts:

Chia : 514 995 2339,
Helen : 514 924-9124,
Karen : 514-577-5767,
Tea : 514-315-4140,
I-An : 514-898-9962,
Yu-Chun : 514-601-9488,
Carol : 514-629-1699,
Et : 514-473-7712,
Eva : 514-652-8508,
Vincent : 514-835-0103,

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